"Against the Odds"

By Theron Moore

Here we go again, I know.  I’m on the fence with the new Crisix record, “Against the Odds.”  I’ve listened to it many times and it starts strong with “Get out of my Head” which has the fire and fury of a thousand rock N roll suns but I keep getting tripped up with their choice of song material and it stops me in my tracks. “The North Remembers,” for example, is inspired by the nerdrific “Game of Thrones.”  “Xenomorph Blood” is a tribute to Ridley Scott’s movie, “Alien.” “Prince of Saiyans” is an ode to Dragon Ball.  It just feels very high school freshman to me.  If the entire record flowed this way it’d make sense, but it doesn’t.  Other songs like “Technophiliac” deals with our over reliance on technology while “Get Out Of My Head” is a rant against pop songs, “Leech Breeder” addresses people in power lording power over other folks, I think you get the idea. So, song-wise, there’s a weird disconnect here.  It seems like Crisix kick ass in the music department but travel down too many roads in the songwriting arena, as if they’re trying to tackle too many subjects with not enough cohesion to pull it all together.

And because the music is so powerful, so on mark, and I mean on par with say Warbringer and / or Havok, you tend to connect more with the music and not the songs, so the music has this tendency to overshadow everything else and I’m a guy that likes to read lyrics and understand what the band is trying to convey to me, the story they’re trying to tell and that’s something I don’t get with “Against the Odds.”  And that puts me on the fence.  

On one hand it’s a rockin’, thrashin’ little record but the choice of song material and their dalliance with hardcore leaves me scratching my head.  Did I mention the little dance they do with hardcore?  It’s good but it kind of comes out of left field, so to speak.  It belongs and yet it doesn’t, does that make sense?  I think if I were back in my teens or early 20’s I wouldn’t care but I’m looking for something a little more polished with better flow and continuity. Warbringer, Havok, even Municipal Waste come to mind as examples of bands that can pull this kind of thing off.  But Crisix?  Probably not just yet.  I’m curious to see what they do a few years from now.  I’d probably classify “Against the Odds” as a record firmly in their growth phase, because once mature, this band will be a force to reckon with, they will be the next Sepultura for sure.  But right now they need to be more selective regarding their creativity and how that feeds their song choice and how that guides their musical direction.  They’re a good band, killer sound, but kind of all over the map, at the moment.  If they calm down, re-order themselves, they’ll be just fine.  Check out this record for sure.  Musically, it’ll melt your face right off…,