"From Blue to Black"

By Theron Moore

Thrash.  Retro thrash.  I really wanted to hate this record, but I couldn’t.  It’s actually good, nah, kick ass, and not at all what I’d call “retro” by any means.  And thankfully Crisix do it better than the other 1001 throwback bands out there.  And they sound tight as fuck, their music hits you like a heavy metal hit and run and it’s tough to compare them to anyone...maybe Three Inches of Blood, maybe...a little bit?

But that’s great, that’s a good thing, Crisix is definitely doing their own thing and kicking mucho ass start to finish with “From Blue to Black.”  I like the fact that they don’t smack you over the head with the music they’re making, they let the songs do the talking, so to speak.  It’s thrash but it’s not over done or over explained.  A lot of these retro bands go out of their way to let you know that they worship at the altar of Nuclear Assault or Exodus.  

Not Crisix.  They have their own sound, their own way and a swagger that better get recognized by everyone really freaking soon.  Pay attention to these guys.  Not only because they’re the fastest, tightest sounding band in the world but their records kick serious ass.  Stand out songs include “Journey Through Fire,” “G.M.M.,” and “From Blue to Black,” the title song from this, their third record.  Love Crisix.  Hopefully this band gets all the positive attention they deserve.