“La Fine Cresce da Dentro”  

by Thor

Old-school Italian punk-grinders Cripple Bastards are back and celebrating 30 years of existence with “La Fine Cresce da Dentro (roughly, “The End Grows from Within”), 18 new tracks of pissed off existential skepticism and contempt.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

I’ve been a big fan of this band for long time and “La Fine Cresce da Dentro” is like warm sunlight to a bumblebee or bloody, tattered flesh to a Great White Shark.  It satiates the appetite with a fresh take on an old favorite.  This time, the fusion with grind leans toward a traditional metal aesthetic, which is unusual, but these guys make it work and it’s still somehow punk as fuck.

The real treat is the album’s stellar production.  Cripple Bastards’ music is advanced, graduate-level grindcore.  It’s paradoxically sophisticated in its raw aural anarchy. It’s almost like progressive grind is a thing now, which probably needs to be heard to be believed. But the clarity of the album’s dense layers and textures and tempos and changes that Cripple Bastards have brought to the table…no—destroyed—the table with here is really a thing to behold.

“La Fine Cresce da Dentro” delivers across the board.  And it may deliver like no grindcore album before it.  It’s definitely premature to state as much, lest I sound hyperbolic. So, I’ll end this review by repeating emphatically that Cripple Bastards’ “La Fine Cresce da Dentro” is an album that needs to be heard.  Go grab it!