“Senza Impronte”

By Derelikt Waugh

  Italian grind goons Cripple Bastards have been crafting poisonous, face shredding hategrind since 1988. After a virtually limitless number of splits, EPs, compilation features and several full-lengths, they show no signs of weakness, slowing down, nor have they lessened the intensity factor for the mindless masses. These guys only get meaner with age, unlike some other pansy outfits that shall remain nameless (at this time). No, this isn’t the kind of grind your younger brother shoplifts from Hot Topic to compliment his tight plaid pants. This is the real relentless stuff, molded by years of listening to too much Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Discharge and Doom. It’s no surprise then that they were on FETO Records for their last LP (which was yet another furious release).

Yes, “Senza Impronte” (which means “no fingerprints” in English), is an EP, but I can forgive that this time around. Why? Because Cripple Bastards are capable of packing more punch and precision- made cruelty into five short blasts than most bands are able to deliver over the course of their entire careers. Every song on this EP is loaded with hyper-blasts, super-charged punk, weird atonal twists and turns…plus, it’s got actual hooks. This is a band on top of their game, not only giving us some of their absolute angriest material (actually, what song by these guys isn’t angry?), but some of their most memorable, catchy material as well…if you consider getting torn apart by a pack of rabid wolves “catchy”. In short, get your hands on this mean little fucker as soon as you can…or you can continue listening to yet another lame Pig Destroyer rip-off ad nauseam.