By Dr. Abner Mality

After a series of weird and arty releases, Relapse Records gets back to basics with the pure grinding freakery of Cretin. The previous release from this band, which came out seemingly eons ago, didn't impress me all the much, but "Stranger" was just what the doctor ordered....crusty, down-tuned tunes with a lot of good hooks and enough speed to fry your eyebrows off.

Repulsion and early 90's Napalm Death are bands that pop into your head when listening to Cretin. They've got a thing for oddball song titles..."Ghost of Teeth and Hair", "Sandwich for the Attic Angel", "Mr Frye the Janitor Guy"  and "They Buried the Lunchbox" suggest some off-kilter minds at work. Those kind of titles suggest humor but listening to the rage in these songs, it's tough to find. What I like about Cretin is that there are plenty of chugging "skank" riffs and screaming guitar solos in addition to the typical grind. "The Beast and the Drowning Bucket" and "We Live In A Cave" are good examples of how to play with violence but never lose control of the song.

This is not a revelation or anything that hasn't been done before. But for fans of classic oldschool grindcore, it would be a real mistake to pass this one by. For old time's sake!