"Zim Zam Zim"

by Octopi Mills

Well, this starts out as a hell of an affair that sounds like it came straight out of a sealed container from the seventies pouring out the heady mess that is Arthur Brown. This weird old fellow has his own sound; mustard yellows, ochre jellies, and psychedelic colors like the brain damage of a failed shamanic trip on the wrong, mistaken mushroom. Nothing like anything that is out there today and hard to describe without breaking out big, loose words is what the old, batty man peddles from his strange bag.

 "Jungle Fever" sees the man hollering and acting a pure fool in a bare, skeletal way musically. The style is octopus like and far reaching and like an exotic bird. Though surely elderly by now, the vocals do not appear weathered and they are used in many various ways, always crawling with the bacteria and microcosmic unseen of a deep, stretching madness. "Muscle of Love" comes off as weird as a pervert at a fruit stand, strutting around with male horns and a rooster strut into such ridiculous things. "Don't be a kundalini meanie" he says and talks sex into the receiver with mental tentacle receptors.

 I can't shake a pawn shop kind of feel as the following song kicks in; something old and modern as the big, goofy spectacle sets up yellow camp like a carnival crew. There's a good chance someone involved has opened themselves to things like eastern mysticism and the eating of government acid somewhere in the systems of the whole tapestry involved. "Light your Light" has the effect of Bob Seeger with the antennae of a wrecked, glowing headdress coming out of the top of his mind, and is hard to hold thoughts together in that context, while "Touched by All" sounds like a dripping wet madman giving out advice of the spoken word kind. The time capsule of an era is opened, releasing canned things of sound, funneled through the crisp and somehow cheap production of the modern and strangled age. "The Formless Depths" closes the album, and sees the joker and wild man turn apocalyptic and strange in a crazy little jungle jingle as ape-like as it's navigator; who both wears a bright, un-matching suit of ill fit as quickly as he wears out an animal skin.