"2013 Demo"

By Dr. Abner Mality

While stuck in the Baltimore airport after Maryland Deathfest, I made the acquaintance of one Luis Soraire, a fellow metalhead who had attended the fest with me. Before long, I found out Luis was in a new band called Cosmogony and being the incredibly generous and benevolent soul that I am, I agreed to review the Cosmogony demo for Wormwood.

Luis described the band as playing technical death metal in the footsteps of mid-period Death...well played but not overdone. With the Cosmogony demo, that's pretty much on the mark, but the music is actually even more aggressive and brutal than I was expecting. After a spacy synthesizer intro "Gonnos", we blast into the ripping "Universal Cell Division" which hits with cyclone force. I'm reminded of Pestilence more than Death and that's a good thing in my book. If anything, follow-up tune "Palingenesis" (hopefully not about Saran Palin) is even more intense...this is pure death metal! I have the feeling these guys deal with cosmic and scientific themes in their lyrics. The demo wraps up with "Archaean Complex", which continues the speedy brutality but ends awkwardly with an acoustic fadeout.

The music here is extremely promising, but the poor production does it few favors. The bass guitar is very hard to detect and the guitar sounds very, very dry. It's frightening to think what these songs might have been like with a bigger budget and a more skilled mixer or producer. That's something common in demos, though, and should not count too heavily against Cosmogony at this stage of the game. I am sure somebody out there will be willing to bite and sign these guys. A find for fans of Pestilence, Mithras and Psycroptic.