“Mechanical Tides”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Corrupt Moral Altar is an English grind band that’s going to make a racket beyond most others in this limited genre.  “Mechanical Tides” is my first encounter with them and it leaves some wounds, that’s for sure. The key to success for these guys is that they vary their attack to cover almost the entire spectrum of extreme music…from insane blasting grindcore to filthy NOLA-style sludge to d-beat influenced mayhem to electronic dissonance and even a ballad! That keeps things hopping and for the most part, CMA makes it work.

“Father Tongue” rips ass with a buzzsaw grind attack. This is one for those who like modern dissonant grindcore. A whole album of this would bore the hell out of me, but second track “Blood Harmony” slows things to a punishing sludge crawl to demonstrate this is not gonna be a one-note affair.  And so it goes for the duration, with each track being a little bit different from the one that proceeded it while staying true to the Corrupt Moral Altar creed of nastiness.  “Die Glocke” is something brutal but a bit punkier, a little catchier, with even a singalong (or screamalong) chorus.  “Line Check” is a hardcore beatdown based on simple riffs, “Wire Mother” is almost 8 minutes of pure torture ending with an extended period of electronic noisiness.  The one shocking track is the semi-acoustic “Admit Defeat”, featuring clean vocals. The song still has a weary feeling to it that fits the lyrics and again, it breaks up the album brilliantly, leaving it to end with nut-crushers like "Garland Greene” and “Insect Politicians”.

This is a declaration of total fuckin’ war from these Brits. A top pick for 2014!