By Theron Moore

My complaint with “IX” is that I can't listen to it unless it's the weekend because it instantly puts me into a "party" frame of mind where I wanna beer and to get lost in the music.  That’s it, that’s my knock on “IX.”

 The first two tracks "Brand New Sleep "& “Elphyn” are nothing short of fuzzed out, bottom ended perfection that although are distinctly COC sludge along the altars of St. Vitus and Black Sabbath respectively.  The next two songs “Denmark Vesey” and “Nectar” move along at a nice mosh like pace although the former has a really cool section where it slows down and cuts a nice doomy groove.  Other standout tracks includes “On Your Way” and “Who You Need to Blame.”

“IX” delivers the rock N sludge goods the old fashioned way – guitars, distortion and volume which reminds me of another power trio that came before them, Blue Cheer.  What COC does well with “IX” is that they don’t have to hit you over the head to prove their sound, it happens naturally with good vision, songwriting and musicianship.  That’s COC.  That’s “IX.”  Buy now this record now.