CORPSESSED "The Dagger and The Chalice"

GOREPHILIA  "Ascend To Chaos"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Dark Descent Records has recently fried brains with the likes of Gravehill and Miasmal, so fans know they can rely on the label for some gnarly old school death metal in the grand tradition. Here we have two EP's from Dark Descent newcomers who sound like they've been disinterred from a mausoleum that has "1993" as the date of death.

Both these bands are undoubtedly true to the murky, musty likes of old Incantation and Immolation, but neither one of them really rises above just a mimicry of that ancient sound. Gorephilia's "Ascend To Chaos" has all the right elements but it is very much "death-by-numbers" and doesn't have the extra level of energy and insanity needed to put it up and over the top. Which is really what a modern day "old school" DM band has to do to get ahead. It has little replay value.

Corpsessed is slightly better, but not too much. Where these guys stand out a little more is with their convincing delivery of the doomier, more sluggish tempos. Doom-death has always been one of my fave micro-genres and when Corpsessed dig into lumbering behemoths like "Altar of Worms" and "Mass Grave", I can feel some of the suffocating horror that Incantation and Asphyx summoned up. But faster tunes such as "Infester" are just as faceless, if not more so, than Gorephilia's stuff.

These fiends need some extra oomph to really make it out of the coffin.