By Colonel Angus

CORONARY hail from Finland and “Sinbad” is their first full length release but this could have been released in the metal heydays of the 80s.  These guys are not reinventing anything but instead taking the blueprint of good ol’ traditional metal and running with it.  This 10 track debut (I’m not counting their demos) is just metal from end to end with not a ballad to be found.  That is one of the really endearing parts of “Sinbad”; its relentless effort to be metal from start to finish.  The title track starts things off in chugging riff fashion but things heart up with “Firewings”.  That songs starts off very much like “Rapid Fire” from JUDAS PRIEST but then hits at some IRON MAIDEN as well.  In fact, you can hear all those great influences throughout.  “Fight St. 666” has a cool middle section that has MAIDEN written all over it but after listening to “Sinbad” a few times, it’s those JUDAS PRIEST influences that stand out the most.  One of my favorites on the record is also the odd man out as it doesn’t sound like the rest of the disk.  “I Can Feel This Love” is really catchy and doesn’t sound like PRIEST or MAIDEN and hints at something that might be their own sound within the surrounding metal.  I have to say, at 10 songs, this is the perfect length for this type of metal.  Each track comes and does what it needs to do and then moves aside for the next track.  Not only does the sound harken back to the fun days when metal was new and exciting but they kept things to a length that would fit nicely on 2 sides of vinyl.  I appreciate that as many metal acts try to fill up a disk with sub-par material just because they feel that it is expected. 

The difficulty with having access to so much music is that there has to be something special about the record to stand out.  I’m kind of on the fence with “Sinbad” because the band and songs are all good and their sound is right up my alley when it comes to music influences.  Olli Karki has a great Udo vibe about him and he puts in a really good performance throughout.  Aku Kytola and Jukka Holm both provide catchy riffs and together they have that PRIEST/MAIDEN dual guitar attack down better than most. Jarkko Aaltonen and Pate Vuorio fill out the rest of the band on bass and drums respectively.  All the pieces are there and the results are good but I’m not sure they will have any long lasting impact.  At first I was a little bit thrown off by “Sinbad” because most bands try to put their own stamp on the music but CORONARY seem happy to just put out no frills metal.  If that was their goal, mission accomplished but I will keep an eye out for these guys because I feel they are capable of spotlighting some of their own sound while still staying true to their influences.