"Cop Problem" EP

By Derelikt Waugh

 In addition to having a kick ass name, Philly based band Cop Problem burns through their debut EP (which clocks in at a mere eight minutes) with a heavyweight, highly addictive blend of metallic hardcore and a dual dose of seething intensity and righteous venom. This EP presents us with some lean, mean punk rock rage tempered in the same flame that forged bands such as Coalesce and Converge in the late nineties. That’s certainly not to say that Cop Problem is a cheap carbon copy of their contemporaries, nor do they wear their influences openly on their sleeves. No, Cop Problem has a pissed off persona of their own.  They also have the potential to become as important as the aforementioned bands, only Cop Problem pulls it off with an old school, crusty bravado and an extremely clean, modern production. Their angry, angst-riddled political lean also harkens back to Anarchist punk units such as Crass, Subhumans, etc.

This self-titled EP is a light speed barrage of D-beat destruction and a clear demonstration of what Cop Problem will be beating us down with in the future. Once again, my only fault with this release is the fact that it’s an EP. It’s outright cruel to tease us with a meager three songs, damn it! We can only hope that CP will be unleashing an LP as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime, we’ve got this EP to provide us with a brief soundtrack for those weird, wired nights when the only logical thing to do is cranking the volume up to eleven and smashing our thick skulls through the nearest television screen.