"Under Bio-Lence"

 by Sgt Deth

This sophomore release from Chilean metal heads Conflicted is the first time I have heard them. I have read that they are very popular down in South America. This band is not a Sepultura mimic and they have some fresh material. I would label it as general thrash metal and the lyrics are very worldly. They focus on how the global elite and the eugenicists are taking control of the planet. It is an overall brutal and violent record.

Songs such as “Centuries of Abuse” take me back to old ‘80s super fast thrash metal. That song in only two minutes long, but would produce an ultimate mosh pit when played live. Then there are songs like “Divine Business” that are very catchy, has an awesome guitar solo, and has several switch ups. Or, like “Neuronal Riots” which has many melodic switch ups. And last but not least, my favorite song “Your Speech” which has killer lyrics and some really crazy over the top guitar riffs. If you are looking for some fresh thrash metal, you really should go pick this one up.