"Blood Eagle"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Crom be praised! The barbaric masters of pulverizing slow motion doom are back and this time Napalm Records has them. That means "Blood Eagle" should be readily available, as opposed to Conan's last effort "Monnos", which was mighty hard to find in the States.

The Conan tradition of primitive, rumbling doom continues here. Music so down tuned and stripped to the bone that it becomes hypnotic and compelling, rather like a cobra's gaze.  This time, there is slightly more groove and velocity to the attack...big emphasis on "SLIGHTLY".  Nobody that liked "Monnos" will dislike or feel uncomfortable here. But there are definitely parts of "Total Conquest", "Foehammer" and "Gravity Chasm" that are "rocking", albeit still very primal. The unique Conan vocal approach continues...their double-tracked mixture of agonizing clean monotones with grim demonic growls is matched by no other band. You don't see much of that these days, by Mitra!

Still no guitar solos or frills. These guys make it work. Opener "Crown of Talons" and closer "Altar of Grief" are nine minute plus monoliths that make Electric Wizard sound bubbly and light-hearted. They are monster riff machines, nothing less. Six songs is all that is needed to beat your sorry ass down. Conan is something primeval and grim in the doom world, rather like their fictional namesake.

The legend continues!