by Thor

Pittsburgh’s hardcore heathens Complete Failure return with “Crossburner,” 14 songs of furious punk-infused grind.

Complete Failure seem to be gravitating slightly toward a more accessible form here, with songs that are longer than prototypical grindcore and feature less speed and more meandering.  “Crossburner” also manages to be well-produced while it retains a rawness that’s synonomous with the band’s punk aesthetic.Topically, we’re in existential-dread territory with songs like “Suicide Screed of Total Invincibility,” “Curse of Birth,” and “Demise of the Underdog” mapping out the album’s conceptual blueprint.  It’s heady, heavy stuff.

With “Crossburner,” Complete Failure have more in common with bands like Helmet than they do Phobia which is fine, even for old grindheads like me.  I could do with less droning and more cacophonous speed, but that’s just a matter of preference. 
“Crossburner” is an album that will satiate punks, grinders, hardcore kids, and metal fans alike and that alone is enough reason to check it out.