"Heal No Evil"

By Dr. Abner Mality

While it seems Relapse has been releasing a lot of hipster stuff like Horseback and The High Confessions recently, Complete Failure offers up the flesh-ripping grindcore upon which the company built its reputation. Never heard of these guys before, but they deliver the grind with plenty of hot sauce. It's a bit more hardcore oriented than coming from the death metal side, especially as far as the singer's clean but angry shouts go, but there's no reason any extreme fiend couldn't skank to blasters such as "Like Rainbows In Gasoline", "Craft of Discontent" and "Consensual Bereavements".

Bizarre and inexplicable song titles seem to be part of the Complete Failure experience, as we have some doozies like "Detoxicant Clockstomp", "Black Glossolalia Bizarre" and "Brown Acid Brainwound". Fortunately, it's not to the stupidity level of the worst metalcore and we don't have songs mentioning faded sitcom stars or days of the week. What we do get is a good mixture of warp speed riff bombardment and slower, moshier bits. A couple of the later cuts like "The Exploding Fuel Tank of Desperation" have some of the moody dissonance you find in Converge or Botch.

A tight, pissed off album that gets right to the point and drives it home between your eyes.