"Pros & Cons"

By Dr. Abner Mality

There's not too many corporations I approve of these days, but I'm glad to see these corporate raiders back in action, even if it's for a five song EP. I was frankly blown away by their self-titled disc a few years back and still consider it one of the best pure hard rock records of the 21st century.

"Pros & Cons" isn't quite on that level, but it shows The Company Band is not just a start-up that soon runs out of gas. The songs here seem to lean even more strongly towards the classic rock of the 70's. It's not quite as aggressive as the self-titled but seems bluesier, smokier and the hooks are more rootsy. Take for example "The House of Capricorn", which has a kind of Bad Company feel to it. Bad Company is a name that turns up more than once here as a possible reference point. Neil Fallon's voice is just as strong as it is with Clutch and the lyrics remain impossibly endearing Co. Band trademark. "Black Light Fever" definitely has that Bon Scott AC/DC touch to it,  while "Kill Screen" slams to life like a wild combination of Montrose, BOC and AC/DC with an awesome chorus. "Loc Nar" has a stalking atmosphere and more of that Bad Company feel, especially during the lengthy solo section which is pure 70's blues rock. Speaking of which, "El Dorado" wraps things up with a haze of laid back classic rock crunch. It captures that elusive "desert rock" feeling and has hooks so huge they could reel Moby Dick in.

A bit of a different, more classical approach for The Company Band here...not better or worse than before, just catchy in a different way. Look forward to the next full length.