"The Fleshland"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In the slums of Bangladesh, there was an awful tragedy in 2013, as a massive, cheaply built sweatshop collapsed due to shoddy construction, killing over a thousand helpless people slaving away for less than $40.00 a month. Yet from that rubble, a living woman was pulled 17 days after the tragedy. Imagine how this poor woman felt for days on end, suffocating beneath tons of masonry and twisted steel, with little hope of rescue.

Well, that's the way you're gonna feel when you hear "The Fleshland", the latest audio abomination from Japan's warriors of total death metal, Coffins. This is heaviness that you can actually feel like a physical weight, like a building that has fallen on top of you. This is Coffins' first release for indy giant Relapse after a long career in the deep underground. Take it from the Doctor, you don't need to worry about anything being polished up for Relapse. The production is a little more rounded, but this motherfucker is gonna splatter your brains all over the wall. Now I mean that in the best way possible....this is gonna separate the men from the boys real quick when it comes to death metal.

The band has a new vocalist and drummer, but there's no major change in their attack. It's ultra morbid doomy death based on primitive brutal riffs and a feeling of horror. I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to a standout track. "Hellbringer" is notable because its' scorchingly fast all the way through...a Coffins rarity. On the opposite end of the scale, "The Colossal Hole" is a bone-crushing trip through the filthiest pits of doom. "Tormentopia" seems to be the "catchiest" track but using the word "catchy" in connection with this sonic hell is a real misrepresentation. As for the new vocalist, you can take it from me, he's not going to be auditioning for Queensryche any time soon. Expect utter death.

This is Coffins. This is death metal. Buy...and die!