“Septic Funeral”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you’re looking for the proper fertilizer for a garden of the dead, I highly recommend Scotland’s gnarly COFFIN MULCH. This bunch of gut munchers have struck a bloody motherlode with a crude and crushing attack of bestial death metal.

They know the key to success in this field...keep things as simple, raw and putrid as possible. This EP has got one of the best Swedish-style guitar sounds I’ve heard in a while...right out of DISMEMBER or going even further back, CARNAGE. It is a foul grinding beast that literally VIBRATES with power. They couple that awesome guitar tone with lumbering, memorable riffs that lean towards the doomier side of things. “Black Liquefaction”, “Onward To Death” and “Coffin Mulch” are just crawling with brutal hooks that make the most of slower tones. Adding to the rotten atmosphere are grumbly growls of guttural gore. 

The band hit the gas for short, ripping cuts like “Live Again” and “Carnivorous Subjugation”. These short, fast cuts are the perfect break between the more massive tracks. The result is an EP the pure death fan can enjoy from start to finish. I hope to hear more from these fiends soon!