"On the Mirror"

By Dark Starr

Had I heard this the year it came out, it would have made my list of best discs. Considering that it came out in 2011, I missed that one. Still, this release is a great one that has a lot of Clutch built into it.  The song "Cocaine Moustache" will certainly bring that beard-centric band to mind with a smoking heavy groove like Sabbath meeting ZZ Top. "Better Back In Time" also has a Clutch sound, but so loud  and raw it's almost like Clutch on steroids.

But don't make the mistake of thinking these guys are just Clutch knock-offs.  "The Drip" has a funky feeling like a metalized Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Garbage Bags and Shovels" is very heavy and features a stab at death metal vocals,  and the title track has a laid back jazz-prog vibe going on. This is  a real powerhouse disc that always manages to entertain with its diversity and groove.