"Earth Rocker"

By Joe Who?

For over twenty years Maryland rockers Clutch have risen to prominence through commitment, creativity, and a natural ability to progress. Incorporating various influences throughout the years, they've honed in on their craft and created a style that's unmistakably their own.
The group's latest release "Earth Rocker" is a return to a more straight forward approach last heard on their excellent "Blast Tyrant" album. In addition to this, key Clutch elements remain intact, and a new fondness for heaviness comes into play. Evidence of the latter comes in the form of  "Crucial Velocity" and a killer blues-slide-guitar-punk-rock track that goes by the name of  "Unto The Breach". Elsewhere the album provides top notch musicianship. Fantastic grooves, ("The Wolfman Kindly Requests"...) catchiness, ("D.C. Sound Attack"...) and quirky story telling, ("Cyborg Bette"...) are all captured with the energy level of a "live" performance.
"Earth Rocker" is another classic in a long line of consistent offerings from the band. It's an absolute must have for all rock'n'roll enthusiasts.