"Split 12"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here's a cheerful little slice of bile from the Pacific Northwest. Lasting less than 15 minutes, this stays around just long enough to slap the smile off your face and give you a good sharp kick in the ass. Cliterati I have encountered before: a punky assemblage with a feminist bent, unleashing raw and primitive punk that's as stripped down as it gets. If you are anywhere near the right side of the political fence, I'd advise you to pass these angry women by. Song titles like "War on the Poor" and "Alt-Wrong" show just where they're coming from and they express themselves with foul-mouthed vigor. The music has an almost grind or death metal tone but is firmly rooted in punk, especially the odd monotone female vocals that actually fit like a glove. The Cliterati portion of the split comes at you like a hit and run driver.

However, Cliterati sounds like they are doing prog epics compared to the machine gun burst from Violation Wound. I doubt if VW's tracks total 5 minutes. This band features screaming vocals from no less than Autopsy's Chris Reifert. He doesn't sound quite as crazed here as he does with Autopsy, but he still snarls and roars with major attitude. Violation Wound's cuts fly by with the speed of early Napalm Death. I don't think the lyrics are are political as Cliterati's....they just seem to hate everybody, a trait summed up in the track "The Church of Go Fuck Yourself".

A swift, sharp blast from the West Coast here!