“From Enslavement to Clitoration”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I always kinda cringe when I hear the name Cliteater, but I must admit, these Dutch maniacs know how to grind the right way. Obviously they are influenced by classic Napalm Death and if you’re a fan of the original N.D. album that Cliteater is parodying here, you will enjoy this tasteless blast of pure brutality.

This has little to do with the more modern dissonant grind of bands like Pig Destroyer, but is a refreshing stroll through the likes of old Carcass, Agathocles, Repulsion and of course, Napalm Death. 19 songs of rabid insanity, produced in an old school fashion and featuring alternating vocals between a “HURR-HURR-HURRGH” growler and a ‘YAH-YAH-YAAAAH” screamer. Many tunes like “Afflicted” and “Tranny McPee” are just pure volcanic eruptions of grinding guitars and machine gun drums. I prefer the ones that have some chunkier and even slower riffs, like “Human Idiot” , “Tribbing Maria” and especially “Heretic”. Those are skank-worthy, in the elder parlance. On the longest tune “CalipHate”, there’s some crushing breakdown work that crosses over to modern deathcore. And then there are tunes that are just sheer silliness, like “Total Clitoration” which features banjo and lyrics that made me facepalm hard.

Goofiness or not, this is a strong oldschool grindcore album that knows where it’s roots like and pays ample respect to them.