By Dr. Abner Mality

If this ain’t a musical kick in the nuts with a steel-toed Doc Martens, I don’t know what is! Classhole…both the band and the album…is one of those rare records that sums up and defines everything in the punk genre. It is dirty, brutal, angry, unrepentingly rude and foul-mouthed. It is everything that punk and hardcore was originally meant to be. And it’s heavy and vicious enough to appeal to any thrash or death metal fan as well.

Lurching out of the festering New Orleans scene, Classhole has alumni of Eyehategod, HAARP, Mountain of Wizard and a whole passel of NOLA musical miscreants in its ranks. This debut album is so elemental and harsh that it is hard to describe concretely. 15 jolts of raw rage bearing titles such as “Breathing Down My Neck”, “Gunned Down”, “Full of Hate” and “Taste of Chaos”. A 3 minute tune for Classhole is a progressive epic. There’s hardcore, d-beat, sludge and yes, straight up late 70’s punk rock all mixed up and shot out of a cannon with the subtlety of napalm. And talk about slurred, snotty and hate-filled vocals! Those sensitive of profanity are advised to turn away and dial up something like Blink 182 instead. This is real punk rock!

Not much else to say about Classhole. They know what they are after and they get it with absolute focus. One of the angrier records you will hear…we need more of them!