"Destroy The Light"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I have proof that human cloning has been done successfully. His name is Sanford Parker. He and his legion of duplicates have invaded the heavy music scene and seem to be taking it over band by band. Cloning is the only possible man simply cannot do all the things that Parker does! I couldn't begin to name all his bands and projects, but one of the latest is Circle of Animals, where his partner is Yakuza's Bruce Lamont, a pretty busy guy himself.

Traditional metal fans are advised to approach "Destroy the Light" with caution, as it leans much more towards the industrial and experimental than pure heaviness. Much of it evokes the old Chicago industrial sound of old Ministry, but mixed with a kind of tribal, shamanic feel. Extreme repetition is a keyword and the material is hypnotically monotonous yet varied at the same time. It's like a tour through several different styles of industrial music. Opening cut "Invisible War" sure sounds like it could have been off Ministry's "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste", especially with very Jourgenson-like vocals yelling "Hey!Hey!". The title track is a long electronic dronescape that builds to a pacy climax, "Together We Are Forever" seems to be an almost industrial Soundgarden with acoustic guitar and "Lesson of Human Suffering" is crunching and power-packed with a nice metallic feel. Lamont's influence is very pronounced and many tunes have a real tribal beat, especially the odd "All Spirit, No Mind" and "Poison the Lamb". Each track features the skill of a different drummer, which helps keep things fresh. None of it is straight metal and most of it will tax the patience of low attention span listeners.

I have to be in the right mood for Circle of Animals. When the mood is right, it is trance inducing. When it isn't, the off switch is never far. Use the above description to figure out if the band is for you...Parker clone and all.