"Consequence of Power"

By Colonel Angus

I have been a Savatage fan for a long time; from the "Dungeons Are Calling" album to be exact. Since they are not in commission now, I find myself always checking out what the Savatage alumni are up to. Jon Oliva's Pain, Chris Caffery and Circle II Circle have all released some really good records. I am even a big fan of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. When Circle II Circle released "Watching In Silence" back in 2003, I felt that they were going to be the leaders rising from the ashes of Savatage(I'm not counting TSO). Even though "The Middle of Nowhere" was a slight step back, I thought both "Burden of Truth" and "Delusions of Grandeur" were fine releases. I've always liked Zak Stevens' voice and his delivery was first class. With all of that in mind, I was hoping for a little more from "Consequence of Power".  Sure, there are some really good songs on offer here like the opening track "Whispers In Vain", "Episodes of Mania" and "Redemption" (this one reminds me of "In The Hall of the Mountain King") but ultimately a few really good songs and a few OK ones does not make for a classic album. Songs like "Take Back Yesterday" try to change things up a bit by adding piano to the mix but the track really doesn't go anywhere.  Also, ending the record with the ballad "Blood Of An Angel" was a bit odd since I think the song is pretty good but would have fit in better in the middle of the record.  

Circle II Circle as a band is definitely one tight outfit. For Consequence Of Power, Stevens has with him Paul Michael Stewart on bass, Andy Lee on guitar, and Johnny Osbourn on drums. The playing on this record is top notch and if given a few more great tunes, then I would whole heartily recommend this disk. Now, before I get hate emails, remember I am a fan and do enjoy past releases. I just feel that Circle II Circle can do better than Consequence Of Power. If this was their first release, I would be giving it a much better review but given the history of past works, I have no choice but to rate it compared to those earlier records. AFM records is releasing this in the states and I recommend purchasing it if your are a Savatage completest but for the casual listener, I would recommend Watching In Silence or Burden Of Truth. I really wanted to like this album a lot and gave it a dozen spins before writing this review. I'm only sorry that I couldn't give it a better rating. I know Circle II Circle has it in them to blow us all away with an album that will go down in the list of true classics.