"And So On"

 by Dark Starr

The easy explanation of Circa: would be to call them a Yes spin-off band since both Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye have been in that band. Sure, there are sounds here that resemble Yes music,  particularly with "True Progress" and "Til We Get There" , but to consider them a Yes clone would be a big mistake. They are far more than that. Nor are they a continuation of Sherwood’s band World Trade. Check out the song "Notorious" for a tune that easily establishes Circa:'s own identity. There are touches of modern dissonance in the title track and "Life's Offering" that also make for something a little different than another "typical" prog rock exhibition.

This outfit has a progressive rock sound that nods to the music its members have created before, but take the music in a new direction. This is killer progressive rock for a new generation.