“Light Will Consume Us All”

By Dr. Abner Mality

An uneventful mixture of sludge and post-metal is on tap here. It seems I’ve been hearing about this bunch for years…the long buildup has led to a big letdown, as “Light Will Consume Us All” often gave me MEGO Syndrome, MEGO standing for “My Eyes Glaze Over”.

Only three songs here, so that already tells me I need to pack a lunch. “Infinite” tries to live up to its title, lasting over 20 minutes. It kicks off with about 4 and a half minutes of the same minor key post metal riff being monotonously repeated before the monstrous sludge kicks in and Eva Rose unleashes her screaming banshee vocals. CHRCH is a very heavy beast indeed when it chooses to be, but the song soon returns to the more subtle approach. It sounds like very typical sludge tacked on to very typical post stuff. “Portals” brings the heavy sludge more to the fore, but I’m not excited by the riffing the band conjures. It just doesn’t get the juices flowing. This one lasts 14 minutes plus but is hard to remember. The album then concludes with the relatively brief “Aether”, which is under 10 minutes. Again the tune just does not stick in the head and Eva’s more melodic vocals are utterly average. Her tortured scream at least kicks up the intensity a notch.

Little more to add, except you can add one more to the ever-growing pile of unremarkable releases.