“Written Destiny”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s been so long since I’ve heard anything from CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY, I figured they must have all been wiped out by another tribe in the post-nuclear wasteland. Lo and behold, the Italian thrash-punks are back with “Written Destiny” and continue with their easy to digest mayhem.

This is one of those “time warp” bands who sound like they come from an earlier age. The songs on “Written Destiny” could have popped up around 1985 and fit right in. The cuts here are a mix of d-beat punk with ANTHRAX-style mosh riffs, D.R.I. sounding crossover and just the slightest hint of early gas mask era VOI VOD. The opening “Soundtrack of No Future” kicks off with a medium paced march of crunch riffs that give way to a high pitched scream and fast, punky thrash. Just the sort of tune for cruising the desolate roadways of the nuclear apocalypse when you’re in search of that precious gasoline.

It’s all in pretty much the same vein from there and the album shoots by you in a flash. One song where everything comes together absolutely perfectly is “Days of Future Past”...what a monster song, with plenty of riffs and each one better than the last. A whole album of tracks like this would be almost too much to take. As it is, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY are as raucous and war-painted as ever.