“Fist In The Air” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you can put out an EP with cover art that is simply a slice of processed cheese with tiny generic lettering on it, you must be pretty confident in your product and your reputation. With Cherubs, both are assured to be high quality. I first experienced this veteran noise rock band with last year’s devastating “2 Ynfynyty”, which really opened my eyes on just how NOISY a rock band can be while still keeping a catchy vibe. Firing back with this EP, Cherubs show they’ve lost none of their vitriol.

That title track demonstrates how warped the Cherubs method is. The screeching, squalling guitar sound is pushed so far into the red zone it almost turns black! Bass, guitar, even the drums are shoved up to amp-breaking levels. Yet check out the pure pop vocals…almost bubblegum-like in their sweetness. If you think Torche was the first band to merge screaming distortion and pop sensibility, think again, because Cherubs go to 11 on both counts. “Donkey Suite” and “Red Carpet Blues” follow the same path of blown out heaviness and pop rock dynamics…very entertaining tunes!

Then we get 2 remixes of “Fist In The Air”. The first is courtesy of the indescribable filth-rockers Shit and Shine, who deconstruct the tune into mechanical groans and rumbles out of an obsolete factory, with vocals so far back in the mix they can barely be perceived. Tim Harrington’s take on the song is even more noisy, if you can believe it, but using more electronic samples and synth tones to create the cacophony.

Cherubs are the absolute peak of the noise rock mountain. Nothing cheesy about “Fist In The Air”!