"2 Ynfynyty"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Lately I find myself more and more drawn to sounds different than my usual beat. That search for something new leads me to a lot of bands in the "noise rock" genre...and I like what I hear! With Cherubs, you can't get any more different.

In the noise rock realm, of which I admittedly know only a smidgen, Cherubs from Austin, Texas are considered legends. They did two albums in the early 90's, "Icing" and "Heroin Man", that are considered classics. Then they slumbered. And now they've awakened after 20 years and the racket they make would cause fillings to leap from the mouths of corpses. They ain't kiddin' when they call this "noise" rock.

They do things to a guitar that sound immoral and illegal. This causes more distortion and outright insanity than any 10 tired old death metal albums with their predictable pentagrams and goat head shit. "Sandy On The Beach" comes at you with a thunderous, warped guitar attack that would give Nirvana nightmares. And that's only the start. "Crashing The Ride" and "We Buy Gold" are like pipe bombs in the Stratocaster and demented. The vocals shriek and the drums pound and clatter away with abandon. But none of it is "metal" in the traditional sense. For which I am grateful.

There's tons of swagger in the slower "Monkey Chow Mein"...just listen to that drunken riffing. That and "Cumulo Nimbus" are the slower, longer tunes that hypnotize you. Every song brings something different....the guitar distortion and warped riffing reaches more intense levels of insanity on "So Jellified" and "Party Ice". This last song almost falls apart completely into utter axe torture. Mercifully, the album ends with the minimalist acoustic ballad "Sunday Mondays", which almost sounds sweet with the tweety synth that accompanies it. The album isn't long but leaves you feeling drained but energized.

This is one of the best things I've ever heard in the noise rock field. How a band can come back from a 20 year layoff and create a brilliant cacophony like this is a wonder for the ages. If you're seeking something different than boilerplate extreme metal but still pushed way into the red zone, opt for "2 Ynfynyty".