“We Bleed Metal 17”

By Theron Moore

David T Chastain.  As the name of this record indicates, Chastain bleeds metal.  He lives it, he breathes it, it is who HE is.  Metal. Always pleased to listen and review a record by Chastain, never, ever fails to keep the spirit of rock alive.  CHASTAIN's "We Bleed Metal 17" has the same drums and vocals as the original “We Bleed Metal” but with new music, a new track listing and new cover art as well. Let that sink in for a moment.  In all, “We Bleed Metal 17” sounds different and much better than the original version plus it also sports a live sound that gives this record the feel of being at a Chastain concert.  Says vocalist Leather Leone – “This is my favorite CHASTAIN release since "Mystery of Illusion!"
Chastain’s guitar sound on this record is phenomenal.  And with all of the tweaking and reconfiguration that went on here, it still matches Leather Leone’s voice perfectly.  And best of all, the true spirit of this record was kept intact, just made stronger.  Chastain’s guitar tone adds a layer of heaviness that the original version of this record wasn’t able to fully realize which isn’t surprising since it’s hard to capture the full range and scope of David T. Chastain in action.  Put a guitar in this guy’s hands and he becomes a monster.  “We Bleed Metal 17” is straight forward heavy metal, nothing more, nothing less.  It’s an outstanding showcase for the vocal chops of Leather Leone and the amp destruction of Chastain.  The songs are head banging metal anthems, pure and simple.  Show Chastain some love and buy this record.  It’s heavy.  It’s metal.  

And most of all, it’s David T. Chastain.  Buy it.