"Blank Canvas"

By Dark Starr

The most obvious audience for this set would be people who like punk rock. I’m not talking about the pop punk emo type stuff, though. This is more of the real deal kind of thing It does have leanings toward the more proggy stuff like Radiohead, though. The mix of sounds here is great, and this is always entertaining. It’s quite an impressive EP, really. 

"No Safe Word" starts the set, and frantic bass leads it from the gate. As the other instruments join, this thing really screams – quite literally. It’s very much a furious hardcore punk thing. It’s also very intense. It’s a great way to start things in style. I dig the drop back to bass before the closing instrumental surge. 

They scream out right at the start of "Serin's Vending." In some ways this really makes me think of The Dead Kennedys quite a bit. There is a drop back that gets into some cool, almost psychedelic territory. That again seems like something the DKs might do. The only real difference is the vocals. 

Although still punk rock, "Lifestyle Science" is less intense. It’s not hardcore and has a bit of a mainstream rock music element to it. It’s definitely not emo or pop punk, though. This is the real deal. 

"Self Repair" is a huge change. It comes in with sort of a jazz meets alternative rock. There are punk elements on the harder rocking sections. The thing is, as complex as this tune is, and ever changing, there are actually prog rock leanings here (think Radiohead). This is definitely the most dynamic song of the whole set. It’s also one of the best. It’s surely the most unique. 

While not as unique as the last song, the title track has some of the same alternative rock with modern prog elements. It has some portions that lean toward screaming hardcore, too. This is another exceptionally strong piece.