“Balkanian Narko Doom” Split

By Dr. Abner Mality

I don’t know whether this label is called Ordo MCM or Clavis Secretorum and I don’t think they know for sure, either. Anyway, this is my first encounter with them and they present to us a split LP featuring two underground doom metal bands from the grim and shrouded Balkans.

Chains is a one man project and my God, is this shit bad! Very rarely will I hear music where I’m tempted to rip it out of the sound system, throw it on the ground and stomp it to death, but I sure had that urge with this nonsense.  Chains’ “music” is said to be doom, but it is more like pointless, meandering Goth rock nonsense sprinkled with the mumblings of a drugged dwarf and endless acid rock style guitar solos. To review the four songs on Chains’ side of the split is pointless because they are remarkably consistent in their awfulness and all suck equally. The worst might be “Red Moon Bloody Moon” because of its interminable length but none show any promise. Those expecting heavy riffs or even drone will be outraged by this. Apparently you need to be in some satanic drug trance to appreciate it. They couldn’t bury this shit deep enough for me.

Suton is not the greatest band I’ve heard but after the abomination of Chains, they don’t sound half bad. They play extremely low-fi and primitive doom based on repetition and heavy riffs. And at least the riffs are heavy, unlike Chains. They tend to be monotonous and lacking spark, but they are listenable. This stuff is VERY unsophisticated but the odd hollow vocals and tinny graveyard organ accompaniment creates a dreary atmosphere. The band’s cover of Electric Wizard’s “The Sun Has Turned To Black” makes the original sound like it was produced by Jens Bogren but the incredibly weird vocals give it a kind of crazy appeal. In sum, Suton is not exactly world-shattering but they are somewhat redeemed. For Chains, there really is no hope.

I can’t recommend this and I suggest Ordo Secretorum or whatever they are get their act together if they want to be around awhile.