"The Wishing Tree, Vol. 2: The Birth of a Titan"

By Dark Starr


It’s a safe bet that prog purists will hate this EP....the metal influences are very obvious and veer towards the extreme side of the scale. I still think it fits into progressive rock. Melodic prog is mixed with extreme metal to create something unique and insane in many ways. First cut "The Tree" eases us in with a song that resembles Tool with Eastern music influences. Later on, the pace picks up and the growling extreme vocals start in. That's the most accessible track. If you ever wonder what Radiohead would sound like as a death metal band, "Nanabozho" may provide some answers. There's also a resemblance to the excellent band Giant Squid. "Nan's Wrath" hits hard with brutal thrash yet it retains a strong King Crimson feel to the unusual riffing. "The Sower" and "The Widow Maker" end the set with some unpredictable metallic prog that rages with angular riffing, odd time changes and shifts between melodic and extreme vocals.

Cerulia is an insanely talented band.This is high energy, challenging music that rocks. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’ve got an interest in music that challenges the senses, you really should check these guys out.