CERTO PORCOS “Odio 666” 

PATHOLOGIC NOISE “Gore Aberration”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Greyhaze Records is the conduit to everything extreme coming from the great nation of Brazil. And here we have two acts from Amazonia that are new to me…

If you remember Ratos de Porao, then Certo Porcos will be comfortingly familiar to you. These guys play politically charged crossover thrash direct from the Brazillian slums. They jam hard and ugly with short punchy songs that are the aural equivalent of a back alley brawl. Rough, catchy stuff that satisfies! They’ve got just the right sound, the right mix of super-fast and chunky and lots of bile, as you can tell from tracks like “Hate Never Ends”, “All Right Pigs”, “Surfin’ in Gaza” and the brilliantly titled “You Gotta Fucked Til Die”, which doesn’t make grammatical sense but you can pick up the general idea. Imagine a cross between Sepultura, Crumbsuckers and the aforementioned Ratos de Porao and you’ve got Certo Porcos. “Odio 666” is good filthy fun!

Pathologic Noise are not quite as instant as their label mates because they are working a more common and typical style…gory death metal. Despite being overwhelmingly unoriginal, “Gore Aberration” did grow on me. It’s almost an EP…this has to be well under a half hour. It’s raw and brutal stuff, but not the ultra-brutal kind of gore metal you find on Sevared or Unique Leader. It’s not technical but not primitive either. There are a fair amount of time changes in these tunes, which keeps things moving pretty well. It sounds like a rougher version of bands like Exhumed and Impaled, but not as classy. If you’re a goremonger on the prowl for more raw meat, though, Pathologic Noise is not a bad snack to tide you over.