"Maniacal Miscreation"

By Dr. Abner Mality

"Slam" death metal with pig squealing vocals is not my favorite variety of the genre, but I could see making an exception for these guys. Hailing from Scotland, hardly known as a metal hotbed, Cerebral Bore manages to get a good, clean sound that isn't drowning in the usual muck slam bands wallow in. While the velocity is usually beyond warp speed, they throw enough variety into their tunes to make them interesting while not sacrificing an iota of savagery. I still have trouble telling them apart, but the tunes here are MUCH superior to the sort of turgid slop found on the Sevared Records roster.

No ultra-brutal slam band would be complete without a guttural vocalist and Cerebral Bore is unique in that their vocal terrorist is a slip of a teenage girl. Yeah, that's right, a BABE! And believe you me, she can hold her own with any of the squealers in Devourment, Disgorge, etc...right down to the chirping cricket sounds as well as the gutturals.

I was surprised by how much "Maniacal Miscreation" tickled my fancy and if you're gonna investigate the very depths of the extreme, it's a nice place to start.