“Doomsday Rituals”

By Rusty Coffinnails

From time to time you get a band that just knocks it outta of the park! This is one of those times, Centinex is a Swedish death metal outfit that have been around on and off since about 1990. Their latest work titled "Doomsday Rituals" is some top shelf stuff. It is packed with blood, gore, guts and murder. The riffs are plenty and brutal, this is one of those albums that's best played at max volume!
With songs like  “Dismemberment Supreme”, if the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” had a theme song this would be the one! It entails hacking one's victims to pieces with a saw and how the blood splatters. Or one of my favourites #8 “Death, Decay Murder”. It's good shit and kinda fun to listen to as it bounces bloodily along. 

The album is 10 songs long and all of them are great! It is one of those albums that the vox are clear enough to catch all the words and you'll find yourself singing aloud in line at the store: "Death… Decay… Murder... Die Motherfucker Die!" Oops, here comes security…

I give these cats high marks on this one, boys and girls! Go grab it!