"Orgies of Abomination"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Inside every headbanger is that juvenile delinquent who has just discovered sex and monsters. It is closer to the surface from some than others....hence, we have Portland's Cemetery Lust. This is band that seems to be stuck in a perpetual 8th grade, with song titles such as "Cum on The Cross", "Malefic Masturbation"  and "Mass Grave Orgy". Not to mention the childish cover art that looks like it was first doodled in the margins of Mrs Smerkel's social studies class.

HOWEVER! While this infantile approach can make you groan, it does appeal to that scruffy J.D. inside us all. Much like you would expect, Cemetery Lust play a raw and primitive kind of thrash metal from the murky depths of prehistory. If you remember the debut of Canadian band Sacrifice back in the mid-80's, you get a good idea of what Cemetery Lust sounds like. Toss in some Teutonic thrash ala old Destruction and Kreator along with some catchy Anthrax type chug and you have the formula the band is working with. No performance stands out as anything other than workman-like...the vocals are average, the guitarist won't cause Yngwie to lose sleep and the drums are caveman standard. Yet when these guys let rip, their savage passion shines through. The middle part of the album in particular stands out with some real evil thrashers like "Cyborg Sex Machine", "Tenement" and "Intent to Molest". Even "Cum on the Cross", as stupid as that name is, is effective in the rudimentary sense.

There's quite a bit of this throwback thrash stuff in the underground. You can probably live without Cemetery Lust, but if you like drawing upside down crosses, naked nuns and flesh-eating zombies, this might be just the ticket for you.