"Cell Press"

By Dr. Abner Mality

CELL PRESS is Canadian noise rock poutine with a thick gravy of sludge on top. This is a little something for those who liked early HELMET, UNSANE, AmRep style noise and the detritus of the early 90's noise rock explosion. There are members here from other bands I recognize like THE GREAT SABATINI and BIIPIIGWAN.

It goes down a lot like you'd expect. Big, greasy chunks of guitar riffs, loud agonized hollers and jazz-like bass/drum interplay. The first four cuts are mean, loud and sludgy, with titles like "Piss Police" and "Desert Breath". "Piss Police" kicks off with robotic, choppy riffs before easing into a greasy HELMET-like swing. "Desert Breath" is even more sludgy and thick."Blacked Out In Verdun" has some cool snappy drumming to move it along and "Dead At OACI" is the heaviest, most lumbering tune.

Each of the above tunes is fairly compact, but the EP ends with an 11 minute instrumental noise jam with the peculiar title "My Son Will No the Truth". If you like a lot of weird guitar skronks and moans, this is for you. A skittering bass and drum run lays the foundation for a lot general noisiness, including metallic shouts and inarticulate moans. For sure this won't be the radio track. But I've heard a lot worse when it comes noise metal and rock.

A stiff little chunk of gristly guitar-based racket...