"Fester and Putrefy"

By Dr. Abner Mality

JESUS CHRIST! I know that's completely inappropriate considering this band, but that's what came to my mind after hearing "Fester and Putrefy" for the first time. I hear so much "diabolical" and "brutal" metal day in and day out that most of it runs off me like water on a duck's back. Not this baby. Nosiree, Bob, Cavus is the real fuckin' deal and have dealt a thunderous brimstone strike the likes of which I haven't felt in quite some time.

These corpse-painted Finns really MEAN it, they are not just going through the motions of death/black metal. There's a roasting malevolence to these ten tracks that can't be's like Deicide and Gorgoroth in full flow but maybe even a little heavier yet! Yes, it is black metal, one look at these ghouls confirms that, but it's not the trebly, mournful, bass-less stuff, but more like molten hellfire unleashed through your speakers. Ever heard France's excellent Temple of Baal? Here we have a similar band...yet even more vicious! The sound is raw, thick and HEAVY, with devastating bass and drum chops and a real thickness to the sound. The Devil these guys worship is a BEAST, not a Gothic gentleman with a frilly shirt.

Riff quality is outstanding and never flags throughout the album. After the dissonant intro "Sea of Tongues", "Fist Of A Titan" strikes just like the title implies...never has a song been more aptly named. That ass-ripper is just a warm-up for the following track "Discovering Through Suffering", which is like having Hell's own fire poured into your ears. Ungodly! And so it goes, and I can hardly pick a top track, but the slightly "rocking" mayhem of "Death Rattle", the mayhemic "Scorched Flesh, Ravaged Tongues" and the sheer brutality of "Possessed By the Devil';s Blood" are simply not to be missed. This fucker never lets up for a second.

Forget WATAIN and get ready for the real thing with CAVUS! Remember this name, because you'll be screaming it in hell later!