By Sgt Deth

This is definitely very different from their last release. It has some familiarities, but I am guessing they wanted to evolve in to an entirely different beast. At first listen, I kind of freaked out and didn’t understand it. I have spent the last few weeks getting accustomed to their new sound. There is a lot going on here. Right out of the gates you have track one, “Babylonian Pandemonium”, which is a haunting song with a lot of background sounds that is really hard to figure out.  But, it is super fast and a great intro to this grind core style album.

Then on to track 4, “Scum”, at this point I really hear the early Napalm Death influences. For a grind core style album, there is no lack of musical talent, that is for sure. They are just as talented as their influences if not more. Then track 6, “Cramunhao”, which is a guitar hero’s dream. I would like to see someone try to replicate some of the guitar solos in this one. They are very technical and fast.
This thing just screams all the way through. It also reminds me of Nailbomb, so those fans will enjoy this release for sure. Probably the closest we will ever come to hear some Nailbomb inspired tunes. The song “Not Losing the Edge” really reminds me of Nailbomb days.

The last two tracks of this awe inspiring CD, “Deus Ex Machina” and “Porra” just blow my mind. It just thumps and reeks of the old Sepultura sound. I am still trying to process. This is truly groundbreaking material. No true metal fan should miss out on this one.