CATHETER "Southwestern Doom Violence"

PHOBIA "Remnants of Filth"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In terms of longevity, you've got to hand it to Phobia. These crusty grind freaks have been blowing eardrums since the early 90's, leading many to call them America's version of Napalm Death. Mucho props to them, they've played in about every dirty squat and basement in this great nation.

However, I've got to say, Denver's Catheter have trumped them when it comes to truly skull-eroding grindcore. With new full-length "Southwestern Doom Violence", these jokers injects an extremely heavy dose of Sunlight Studios chainsaw guitar sound circa 1990 into their merciless assault. As a result, Catheter truly GRINDS. They've also tossed in some catchy doom riffs and sludge groove as you can hear on the super-addictive "In This Moment" as well as tunes like "Doom To Grind" and "Turning Point". These chunkier bits of grind break up the blitzkrieg of hyperspeed blasters.

Phobia keeps it basic and old school on "Remnants of Filth", but speaking of filth, their guitar sound here doesn't have a prayer of matching Catheter's. Not that's it's weak or anything. But the 18 tunes here tend to sound very much by the numbers and those barking dog "yah yah yah!" shouts get old fast. There's good cuts like "Freedom Isn't Free" and "Deaden To Believe" on show, but a lot of this CD just passes by in a blur.

Respect to Phobia, but Catheter is the better choice for the grind conneisseur this time around.