"Welcome to the Graveyard"

by Octopi Mills

I have just read that Billy Anderson is at the sliders again; pulling levers and levels here and there in the background, and this time there's a severely vintage sound that is olde sounding and vintage, to say the very least. I must not get into another rant about the fellow at this time. I also glean from the promo that there's some adaption from the old Zionist inspired occultists Crowley and Levi, and some boasting of this being "perfect soundtrack for a Hollywood cult initiation." Well, well, perhaps that is true, and perhaps more routed for a hidden seventies fantasy initiation- at this point I can only speculate.

 The production is beyond vinyl-like, and the sound is done in a way I can somewhat admire. The style has a strong and fanatical seventies feel, and would find home with a Rise Above records release surely, and I must say it is unique in its own sameness of the nostalgia sought to be captured of the rising doom wave. Guitars and vocals have their own feel in this said context, and in a matured sort of way at that. I would wager these two know their influences and have a wide knowledge in this area, and would probably have a vast record collection...Bad acid vibes and burned out stoner antics abound through this thing, like ass naked and unwashed evil hippies who have based a pseudo religion on old occult misunderstandings; like wrongs imagined real and set to practice. There is an artifice that is somehow real and inherit in the whole concept, as if one could picture a burned out, furry headed guy heading into a local cemetery to mix his sexual delusions out on the body altar of a misguided west coast girl with a ritual dagger he bought at some antique shop in a California desert. But the real people responsible probably just enjoy old rock and roll nostalgia, pipe smoke and old horror movies at the end of the day when the real old shadows rise. The images invoked serve the music and so on, and I am embittered upon it, failing to hold attention to the overall thing, which does not make me want to go and seek out a copy.