By Dr. Abner Mality

This is your one shop stop for generic Stockholm-style Swedish death metal. Everything about CARNAL SAVAGERY is second hand, from the band name to the song titles to the album art. Copious amounts of riffage and ideas are borrowed from DISMEMBER, GRAVE, ENTOMBED, etc. Probably even second tier Swe-death bands like WOMBBATH and EVOCATION are scavenged by CARNAL SAVAGERY. The song titles show a distinct lack of thought...we get not only "Shredded Flesh", but also "Maggot Infested Flesh" just to make sure no flesh is left unviolated. Other song titles like 
"Embalmed Corpses", "Exhumed" and "Cannibal Torture" display similar originality.

And yet, I am almost ashamed to admit, this album fills the bill if you're looking for raw Swedish death with the chainsaw sound dialed up to the max. They got the sound just right and some of these well-worn riffs you just can't argue with. The mid-paced and doomier cuts like "Exhumed", "Grotesque Macabre" and "Gluttony" are stuffed full of groovy sick riffs that make the head bang involuntarily. The snarling vocals are very familiar but also phrased just right for the childish lyrics, which seem to be inspired by the ghastly old comics put out by Eerie Publications. Few things are more primal than Swedish death metal, so even if the riffs are kind of second-hand, they still work.

The faster tracks tend to kind of blur together. "Shredded Flesh" starts with a vacuum cleaner like rush of mayhem. Then the next song "Reborn Dead" seems to start with the exact same sound...I thought I accidentally hit "repeat". So CARNAL SAVAGERY is indeed the musical equivalent of the old "Tales From The Tomb" comics...hideous cheap rotgut, but you can still get a buzz from it. This will satisfy all fiends into the primordial chainsaw sound.