“Our Cult Continues!”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I was quite impressed with my first taste of Cardinals Folly and was eagerly looking forward to their sophomore release. These gents play dour Finniish doom metal with crushing riffs and drab vocals…that hasn’t changed much with “Our Cult Continues!”, but I can’t say I like this as much as “Such Power Is Dangerous”, their first album

The riffing doesn’t seem as all around potent this time around, although there are certainly some very strong ones to be found. The chief problem, as always, lies with the vocals. They are a flat monotone with no attempt made at melody or actual singing. They are rather spoken or chanted, something like Reverend Bizarre but even more dreary. They take some getting used to and on certain tracks, they fit the severe music being played. But with “Our Cult Continues!” , there are just some songs where they are plain BAD. The worst offender is “Sighisoaran”, but then, that’s the worst Cardinals Folly song I’ve heard all around. I much prefer the title track and “The Lovers’ Crypt”, both of which have killer doom riffs and where the odd vocals don’t really hurt the atmosphere that much.

Kind of a “placeholder” release for Cardinals Folly. I feel this band has it in them to be the next Revereng Bizarre or possibly even Cathedral, but this is not the record to get them there.