"Black Hole Gods"

by Octopi Mills

This band is located in the Bay Area and is filed somewhere in the doom category, if we are to believe promotional sources.The album starts off with "Deep Within" and there is a hint at something perhaps different from the vocals, something one cannot place. "Dreams of Teeth" comes next in all its strange and oddly ordinary movements, giving it an identity of its own somehow when compared to the usual doom clone acts in the carnival of this world's grandeur. When the lyrics are taken into consideration, it makes for an amusing chuckle, something that carries on throughout the fantasy of themes, which are in the realms of temporal fantasy. But there is a feeling of half hearted and the lack luster all the time, and it must be wondered how serious these folks are, as there is little emotion or passion displayed that is present in so many other great works of the world.

"Warden of the swans" attempts something of this reach, and is interesting when compared to the songs which came before, but has a sort of moronic roll that lulls off into nonsense, and the track that follows builds itself from the same groundwork as the rest, reaching for nothing, and attaining it in all the glory of a ham and egg platter. What I hear doesnt offend, or strike me, nor does it make me feel anything in any manner at all, in any way. It fails to even convey a thought about anything, and leaves only a dull mediocrity, and one that is heavy like wet thermal underpants, though somehow warm. These folks loaf around and plod time away without ever getting off the ground. It would be the equivalent of giving a child a kite that never takes off anywhere; they are neither astronauts nor ground hogs in this sense and are doomed indeed to plod the fields of ordinary terrain.