“A Parallel Dimension of Despair”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Man, I was afraid these Chicago bruisers had called it a day. It’s been pretty quiet in the Cardiac camp until this bone-breaking monster erupted from the tomb. It sees the band now on the Memento Mori label and they are back with a bang. This is currently in the running for my favorite CA album.

These scruffy deviants know how to deliver maximum sickness and power with their raw death metal. There’s something uniquely Midwestern about their approach…it’s not really Florida or New York style death and not Swedish, either. The great thing about Cardiac songs is that they SWING!  Tunes like “Immoral and Absurd”, “Become the Pain” and “Drudge Demon” throb with an unbelievably catchy yet brutal beat. The guitar sound is thick and swampy but not in a crappy way. It perfectly transmits the heaviness of the music. The drumming is also on point and believe it or not, there’s a lot of great cymbal work here. The riffing on these tunes is seriously the best the band has ever done.

There is a doomier and claustrophobic feel to songs like “When Murder Is Justified” and “The Dark Domain”, but such tunes have always been a part of the Cardiac canon. The one slight misstep is the album ending “Voices from the Tomb”, which really is too long and kind of plods. But even then, it’s not what you’d call really bad.
Schedule your appointment with the chiropractor in advance because this album is just like the song says…”Unforgiving, Unrelenting”!