"...And Death Shall Set You Free"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here's the latest slab of putrid gore from one of America's most dependable (if not THE most dependable) old school metal bands. Any long time Worm-freak knows these guys have a special place in our rotten hearts here at WC....I think it is somewhere near the left ventricle.

"And Death Shall Set You Free" sees them back on Razorback Records after their stint with Ibex Moon. You don't need a crystal ball or a Ouija board to figure out what's on tap here. I will say this is as raw and musty as I have ever heard them, thanks to a production job the band did themselves. The material? It's the usual concoction of manically brain-drilling speed, chunky mid-paced riffs and sepulchral doom. And if those adjectives ain't enough for ya, toss in grisly and ghoulish to describe the vocal attack of Adam Scott and Tom Knizner.

After many years of listening to these guys, I have to say that at some points overfamiliarity is starting to creep in. But when I hear the deadly riffing of "Wretched Lowlife" and "Horrid Fate", I become soft and buttery in my admiration for their unflagging devotion to everything hideous. "Bridge Burner" has an almost bluesy touch in spots that was cool and when the slow riffs speed up, the pit will be monstrous. Last track "Rise! Part Man Part Beast" is a bit of an epic that I believe is the longest tune they've ever done...but still hewing to the Cardiac formula.

I pine for something a bit different now and then, but Cardiac Arrest continue to rip entrails from the weak and mortal!