“Where the Corpses Sink Forever”

By Derelikt Waugh

 Just in time for Halloween, Dutch horror masters of the macabre, Carach Angren, unleash upon us “Where The Corpses Sink Forever”. For those unfamiliar with this troop of merry loonies, they create King Diamond like horror yarns composed in a symphonic black metal style. Now, I’m honestly not a fan of symphonic black metal in general, but this album doesn’t fall into the typical traps of the genre. It suits their cinematic story telling excellently. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound nearly as ridiculously pompous as many other albums in this category of black metal. The production here is the star of the show though.

Every nuance can be heard, from heavily distorted guitars, to violins, to the clicking of a gun being cocked and fired. The album begins with an utterly creepy introduction, where our narrator informs us that he has been instructed to kill seven people tied to stakes in a field. Cue gunshots, and from that point on, this album never relents in its hideous ability to weave an entertaining story and keep your head banging constantly at the same time. In short, this is a fairly unique black metal band that offers a little bit of fun in a genre of metal that’s usually bogged down by its own sense of over the top, in your face grimness.